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Building Credit After a Divorce

Mid Mo Fresh Start can help you rebuild your credit after a divorce!

Divorces are never a pleasant occurrence, and after the dust settles, you might be left with a tarnished credit score or history or maybe even lost your car. These types of instances hurt when you try to go to a traditional loan agency or office in central Missouri and may prevent you from getting the credit approval you need.

Thankfully, Mid Mo Fresh Start is here to help! We have the central Missouri car credit approval program that can help you buy a new car, truck or SUV regardless of your credit history. Bad credit or no credit? Not a problem for Mid Mo Fresh Start! We’ll help you get financed during a difficult time such as a divorce.

The best way to establish credit and rebuild your existing credit is with a Car Loan from Mid Mo Fresh Start. Our central MO Car Credit Approval program assists divorcees re-establish their credit and reporting it to all major credit bureaus.

Mid Mo Fresh Start is NOT a “Buy here, pay here” program. Watch out for any credit lenders such as those — those programs don’t help Missouri divorcees rebuild their credit!

Mid Mo Fresh Start is an Auto Credit Approval Program in central Missouri that you can trust. We are part of the Jim Butler Auto Group, the Most Trusted Automotive Family in St. Louis and Central Missouri! Your solution for a no-credit or bad-credit car loan is Mid Mo Fresh Start! Our Linn, MO dealerships have a great selection of new and used cars, trucks and SUVs to choose from.

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